After four years, and thousands of copies, the second edition of Fifteen Postcards is now available. With a fresh new cover and an overhauled inside, it’s like having plastic surgery, and walking out of the operating theatre looking ten years younger (or what I imagine having plastic surgery is like…)

The risk existed that Amazon wouldn’t link the reviews of the first edition, with this second edition. But they have. And so now the pretty new cover is linked with all the original reviews from both and from

Did you know that reviews posted on the UK site aren’t shown on the US site? No? Sadly it’s true. If you know any boffins at Amazon, can you give them a nudge to say how helpful it would be to both readers and authors if reviews posted on any Amazon platform, were automatically populated to all the other Amazon platforms? Thank you.

The second edition of The Last Letter is now available for preorder on Amazon, with reedited chapters, reordered chapters, and a brand new cover. If you preorder The Last Letter now, it will be delivered to your reading device on the 21st June 2019. (PREORDER HERE)

So… what does all this mean?

Drum roll… It means that on the 21st July 2019, you’ll be able to buy all three books in The Old Curiosity Shop series, including Telegram Home.

Are you excited??? I am. It’s been a long, long road, and one I wasn’t expecting to take. But, now I’m incredibly grateful to have the chance to relaunch Fifteen Postcards properly, with its own advertising campaign, using all the lessons I’ve learnt over the past four years.

The Last Letter has also been reedited, and it is now a much stronger book, making it easier for the story to flow into Telegram Home. I can’t wait for you all to read the third book in the series. I’m terrible at keeping secrets, so I’m posting some teaser images from my research trip to India. Make of them what you will…

I’ve made you all wait so long for Telegram Home, please let me know how you’re feeling about it now?

I'm excited to read Telegram Home