These are the books currently on my bedside table. I'm either part way through them, about to start, or I'm reading them for the sixth time.


The Big Four

The Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie. I'm trying to expand my reading genres, and apart from Agatha Christie's biography, I'd never read any of her work. So this is my first Poirot read. What can I tell you? Agatha doesn't waste words, there are no 'filler' scenes. She's straight into the action and from there you're on a fairly breathless ride through murder and mayhem. I'm half way through, and it's a short book, but you do have to read carefully to pick up all the clues as you go.

Note: I purchased my classic Penguin edition shown above from the Ironbridge Bookshop in Shropshire after seeing it on their Instagram page.

Nabokovs Favorite Word is Mauve

Nabokov's Favorite Word

This arrived in the letterbox on Friday. I'd read a couple of articles which referenced the graphs in the book, and I needed to own it. I'm on page 59 so far and it is fascinating. His research reveals gender bias around certain words, dissects adverbs like a coroner conducting an autopsy. This will change the way you write. I promise. I know its made me think about the words I use in my writing.

The Survivors.JPG

The Survivors

As a Kiwi author, I've found the New Zealand writing community incredibly supportive. I try to read books from other Kiwi authors, and I do enjoy a good dystopian story. This one has a little twist, it's set ten years after the zombie apocalypse. So things have settled down, there are some survivors, nature is reclaiming the land, and life goes on...
I'd happily read book two in the series, and I recommend you read book one. I purchased my copy via New Zealand's only bookshop specialising in Kiwi authors - Writer's Plot in Upper Hutt. The link is below.