These are the books currently on my bedside table. I'm either part way through them, about to start, or I'm reading them for the sixth time.

The Messiah Matrix

The Messiah Matrix

If you read and enjoyed Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, then The Messiah Matrix should be next on your TBR list.
Written by Hollywood movie maker Ken Atchity, it spins a wonderful tale around the Vatican, and the secrets of Christianity. One reviewer said "Call this novel controversial. Call it a challenge. Call it excellent writing with a message that surpasses the dispute as to who claimed what first, and whether it is of any moment as to who can claim the foundation of the Christianity. " And I have to agree with them!

Nabokovs Favorite Word is Mauve

Nabokov's Favorite Word

This arrived in the letterbox on Friday. I'd read a couple of articles which referenced the graphs in the book, and I needed to own it. I'm on page 59 so far and it is fascinating. His research reveals gender bias around certain words, dissects adverbs like a coroner conducting an autopsy. This will change the way you write. I promise. I know its made me think about the words I use in my writing.


The Shining

I have not read a Stephen King book for years. I used to devour them. But then I got scared. Now I can't even watch a horror movie without cringing with fear, and breaking the hand of whomever is sitting closest to me. But I can write one. I think. So after finding this at a school book fair in the weekend, I thought, why not. Think of it as research I thought. I'll let you know how my sleep patterns change!